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Bad Debt Protection

Give Your Business a Competitive Edge

Covering Credit Accounts for New Customers in Australia and Overseas In today’s competitive business landscape, extending credit to customers can be a powerful strategy for growth. However, it also comes with inherent risks, especially when dealing with large sums or international markets. At Debtor Protect, we specialise in mitigating these risks through tailored credit insurance

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Debt Protection in a High-Risk Sector

In the world of Australian financial services, credit insurance emerges as a pivotal tool, especially within the high-risk construction industry. With the construction sector accounting for over 30% of insolvencies nationally, the strategic management of debt and credit risks is imperative. At Debtor Protect, we specialise in protecting businesses against these risks through comprehensive credit

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Trade Credit Insurance

Rising Insolvencies: Protect Your Business

Over 7,700 Australian businesses have gone bust this financial year. This is up over 93% on data from the last 3 years. The below case studies outline how a credit insurance policy can protect your businesses’ cashflow. The challenges in the Australian economy are well and truly having an impact on the survival of Australian

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Legal Expense Insurance

Protect Your Business with Legal Expenses Insurance Sydney

Protect Your Business with Legal Expenses Insurance Sydney Legal Expenses Insurance, offered by ARAG, has been a trusted solution globally for decades, and now it’s available right here in Australia through Debtor Protect. This invaluable product provides a safety net, ensuring that you have the means to engage solicitors and defend your legal rights when

Legal Expenses Insurance
Legal Expense Insurance

Legal Expenses Insurance – Levelling the Playing Field

Legal Expenses Insurance is offered by ARAG, and has been used globally for decades. Only recently it’s made it’s way to our shores. It’s a great product, that will allow you to engage solicitors and enforce your legal rights should you require it. It will compliment and sit alongside your trade credit insurance policy for

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Bad Debt Protection

The Benefits of Bad Debt Protection

Protect Your Business with Bad Debt Protection Insurance In the dynamic landscape of business, uncertainties often lurk around the corner, casting shadows on the solvency of your clients and consequently, your cash flow. In such challenging times, having a safety net becomes paramount. This is where Debtor Protect steps in, offering you a shield against

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Bad Debts

Insolvencies Increase to Dangerous Levels

The green line above represents the number of insolvencies in the last 6 months compared to previous years. Over 4,995 Aussie businesses have gone broke in that time. Bad debts are costing suppliers billions of dollars. The challenges in the Australian economy are well and truely having an impact on the survival of Australian businesses.

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Bad Debt Protection

Trade Credit Insurance Australia: Securing Your Business with Debtor Protect

Understanding Trade Credit Insurance Australia Trade credit insurance is a vital tool for businesses, especially in today’s volatile economic climate. It offers protection against the non-payment of trade debts, ensuring that your business remains financially stable even when customers fail to pay their dues. This is particularly crucial in Australia, where businesses often deal with

bad debt
Bad Debt Protection

Insure Your Business Against Bad Debts with Debtor Protect

Ensuring the financial stability of your business in today’s unpredictable economic climate is paramount. One critical aspect of this is protecting your business from bad debts. Bad debt protection, also known as debtor insurance or credit insurance, provides a safety net against losses incurred from customer non-payment. Debtor Protect specialises in this area, offering tailored

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Bad Debt Protection

 Shield Your Business From Financial Ruin: the Power of Bad Debt Protection

In today’s ever-changing and challenging business environment, protecting your company’s financial stability is crucial. Bad Debt Protection is a powerful tool that can safeguard your business from potential ruin caused by customer non-payment. This article explores the definition, importance, and advantages of Bad Debt Protection, as well as its limitations. By understanding the intricacies of

mitigating financial risks
Credit Insurance News

How Trade Credit Insurance Can Shield Your Business from Debt Risks

Running a business involves a myriad of challenges, and among them, managing credit risk is often cited as one of the most perplexing. Navigating credit terms, debt, and cash flow can be a tricky affair, especially when your debtor defaults or faces insolvency. This is where trade credit insurance steps in to protect your business,

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Credit Insurance News

ATO Shift Focus to SME Tax Debt

Since the COVID pandemic in late 2019, the ATO has been very patient in pursuing SME’s on overdue tax debt. It’s been a lever that’s been pulled to give many struggling businesses the time needed to navigate a very tricky few years. A lot of businesses owners I’ve spoken to over the last 24 months

unpaid debt
Credit Insurance News

Five Steps to Protect Your Business from Unpaid Debt

Unpaid debt and overdue invoices can cripple any business, affecting cash flow and undermining your financial stability. While debt collection agencies and legal advice are options, prevention is often better than cure. Here are five steps to protect your business from future unpaid debt, along with how Debtor Protect’s specialized services can offer you an

trade credit insurance
Credit Insurance News

The Benefits of Trade Credit Insurance for the Construction Industry

In the ever-evolving landscape of the Australian economy and the construction sector, challenges continue to emerge that put businesses at risk. Supply chain disruptions, escalating costs of raw materials, and unforeseen delays are just a few of the obstacles faced by construction businesses across the nation. As Australia’s construction industry experiences similar challenges to its

bad debt
Credit Insurance News

10 Tools to Minimise the Risk of a Bad Debt

Over 4,850 Aussie Businesses have gone broke in the last 6 months. That’s more than have gone broke in both the 2021 and 2022 financial years. What can your business do to be on guard against struggling customers? The number of Aussie businesses going broke, and bad debts to suppliers are now back to well

mitigating financial risks
Credit Insurance News

Mitigating Financial Risks: How Debtor Protect Safeguards Your Business

Running a business comes with its fair share of challenges, and one of the biggest hurdles is the possibility of bad debt. Imagine a scenario where your biggest client, the one contributing significantly to your income, goes bankrupt, leaving you with a substantial financial gap. This is where Debtor Protect steps in as your reliable

Dark clouds loom over a rough, turbulent sea with waves crashing and whitecaps visible, much like the uncertainties of the 2023 Financial Year.
Credit Insurance News

2023 Financial Year – Year in Review

The 2023 Financial Year was a wild ride. Business failures were up over 60% on 2022, with the construction, hospitality and retail industries again over-represented in figures. For a lot of businesses we are in the middle of a perfect storm, but how long will it last? Over 7,900 Australian businesses became insolvent over the

credit insurance
Credit Insurance News

Credit Insurance Continues to Support Construction Industry!

Shockwaves were sent through the construction industry when various media outlets reported that Richard Crookes was on the verge of insolvency. Trade Credit Insurers remained firm in their support of the builder and the industry as a whole. Financial uncertainty has the entire construction industry on edge. More and more suppliers and sub contractors have

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Credit Insurance News

Case Studies

Debtor Protect understand that your clients cashflow is the lifeblood of their business. These case studies demonstrate how we pride ourselves on getting claims finalised and funds in their business account quickly!Since the start of 2023, more and more businesses have been getting the dreaded news that they won’t be getting paid what they’re owed

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Credit Insurance News

Picking A Winner

Picking winners in the current climate is more important, but harder than ever. PBS Building and Scotts Refrigerated Logistics were two very established businesses that that have recently fallen victim to a challenging economy. Picking winners in the current climate is more important, but harder than ever.For a long time, business owners and financial decision

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