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Debtor Protect has established itself as a trusted partner for SMEs and businesses throughout Australia.

Specialising in trade credit insurance brokerage and  dedicated to providing your business with solutions to minimise the potential risks associated with bad debt.

We have a deep understanding of the challenges businesses face and how best to minimise the risk of bad debt. Through our strong partnerships and extensive networks, we offer tailored and managed business credit insurance solutions, ensuring that your business has the best possible protection against bad debt.

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About Us

Our Focus is 100% on Our Client Needs and Satisfaction

At Debtor Protect, we take the time to understand your business and provide you with the best advice possible. Our solutions are designed to help you thrive in a challenging economic climate. 

Tailored Solutions

You can trust that our team will work closely with you to assess your business’s specific risk factors and develop a solution that addresses them effectively. We take the time to understand your operations, customer base, and industry dynamics, enabling us to design a credit insurance plan that aligns perfectly with your needs. Our tailored solutions offer many benefits, including enhanced protection against bad debts, improved cash flow management, and strengthened relationships with clients and suppliers.

40+ Years of Experience​

With a wealth of experience spanning over four decades, Debtor Protect stands as a leading provider of credit insurance and debtor insurance solutions. Our team is dedicated to understanding the unique needs of businesses like yours, supporting hundreds of clients across Australia in building prosperous and thriving enterprises. We offer comprehensive services and tailored solutions that safeguard companies and empower them to make informed credit decisions, both in domestic and export markets. 

Management Team

A man with short hair and a beard, about 30 years old, is wearing a dark suit, white shirt, and purple tie, smiling at the camera against a plain white background.

Ian Markus

Ian brings over 10 years experience working as a specialist trade credit and debtor insurance advisor. In addition to this Ian is a trained accountant and has had roles as both a practice and commercial accountant. He understands numbers and he knows the best way businesses can protect themselves from bad debts.
Ian is passionate about giving his clients honest and reliable service. He will take the time to fully understand your debtor and credit risks and understands that every problem needs a tailored solution.
Ian’s wife and two young girls are what keeps him going. Keeping them entertained with new activities and experiences on the weekend is what he enjoys most… not always as easy as it sounds.

Manager – Victoria

Terry Callaghan

As a qualified professional with over 30 years’ experience in Trade Credit Insurance, Terry has held various positions in Risk Management, Claims but primarily as a Business Account Manager partnering with clients on a direct basis or via the General Insurance market.
After a 20-year career with QBE Australia, Terry had his own JV business from January 2013 to December 2022 as the principal contact for new business opportunities, daily Account Management and claims dealing with all market stakeholders.
Terry is married to Natalie and they have 3 sons (Ryan, Liam & Connor) and these days he plays Lawn Bowls which is more fun than he expected.

A man with glasses, short hair, and a black polo shirt with yellow accents is standing and smiling. The shirt has a logo of "GP" and "Creator Project" on it that speaks volumes about his creative endeavors.

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