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We’ve had a trade credit insurance policy for a number of years now. Since working with Debtor Protect, we have been utilising the insurers’ online portal to manage our policy, which has been great. We were given training on the online system, so it’s easy and simple to navigate. We also get faster turnaround times on our credit limit requests when we need cover on new clients or increases on current customers.

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Having a trade credit insurance policy has allowed us to continue to trade with our customers despite challenging marketing conditions in the retail sector. We now have the peace of mind knowing that should one of our largest customers collapse we’ll be covered for the majority of what we’re owed. Debtor Protect helped us find the level of cover we needed, as well as assisted us with a policy compliance on an ongoing basis.
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In the past we’ve insured directly with an insurer and used other specialist brokers in the market. In comparison we’ve found Debtor Protect to be really proactive when it comes to negotiating on our behalf with the insurer. This has helped us get the cover on our customers that we need so that our business can continue to grow. 

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In the labour hire game, there’s always a high risk of us suffering a bad debt. Since implementing a trade credit insurance policy we’ve been able to improve our credit management process. This has meant we are getting paid by our cutomers a lot quicker which is helping cashflow big time. We can grow knowing that we are covered should we not be paid. 

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I don’t think any business can afford to be in business these days without the protection and knowledge of the safety net of debtor insurance and the guidance of a good broker that has extensive knowledge of the industry. With the challenges our industry is currently facing, it gives us confidence and assurance that we can trade our clientele to a specific limit and we are covered (within the guidelines) in the event of default and/or liquidation. We deal in the plumbing sector and over the years we have had on average one bad debt per year and in all instances the debt has outweighed the cost of the debtor insurance policy so in effect the policy has more than paid for itself each year.

We are very selective with our debtors & have strict credit management policies in place. Even with these policies in place you cannot predict how your customers debtors will pay them or if they are in default with the ATO or how they manage their business so having the assurance of a debtor insurance policy and the guidance from Debtor Protect to provide you with a heads up as to the credit position of the companies you deal with is invaluable.

Ian and Debtor Protect have been our broker for several years now after we moved from a different debtor insurance broker, and we cannot speak highly enough of Ian and his team and their knowledge in their field and dedication to their clientele. Ian is always willing to go above and beyond, not only for our business but also for our clientele when they require assistance and guidance. He makes the process seamless; he is easy to contact and deal with and guides our business through the web of debtor management and default management.

If you are currently in the trades business YOU NEED to speak to a debtor finance expert to see how you can better protect your business in these uncertain times and how you can sell to your customers with comfort and assurance.

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