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Debtor Protect understand that your clients cashflow is the lifeblood of their business.

These case studies demonstrate how we pride ourselves on getting claims finalised and funds in their business account quickly!
Since the start of 2023, more and more businesses have been getting the dreaded news that they won’t be getting paid what they’re owed because their customer has gone broke or can’t pay them. With more and more pressures on cashflows, Debtor Protect understand the stress this can place on our clients. That’s why we’re with our customers every step of the way to get their claims paid as quickly as possible.

Labour Hire Company - Claim finalised in less than 1 month from customer insolvency.

Labour hire companies can often run under significant cashflow pressures. They’re required to pay wages to workers weekly. Which is sometimes up to 90 days before they receive funds from their own clients. Any shocks to cashflow can be catastrophic.
When a large commercial builder shut sites overnight last month, our labour hire client was owed in excess of $200k. By properly understanding the claim process, and working with our client, liquidators and insurance partner we were able to have the lost funds back into our clients account within 30 days of our client receiving the news his customer had gone broke.

Freight & Logistic Provider - Claim paid even though their customer hadn't gone insolvent.

There’s a common misconception, that trade credit insurance claims are only paid when a customer becomes insolvent. Most insurers will have clausing in their policies that mean claims can be paid even if your customer hasn’t gone broke. Policy holders can qualify for a claim in as little as 3 months from due date even if a customer hasn’t paid you.
Recently, a furniture retailer refused to pay funds to our client, despite there being an acknowledgment by the furniture retailer that the monies were owed. More and more businesses (like the furniture retailer) are starting to exploit the legal loopholes in the system to not pay their suppliers. The insurance partner was able to settle the claim with our client after a waiting period, which eased the immediate burden on our clients cashflow. The insurer then continued to pursue the funds through legal channels.

Debtor Protect are here first and foremost for your clients. We pride ourselves on our market leading approach to getting their claims paid quickly. If you wanted to work in partnership to help them consider what options may be available in the current market, please get in contact with us today.

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